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A Digital Girl in a Digital World: New Technology Ideas and Innovations

How to: Create a Chic Mirror

Take your average plain mirror and spice it up for under $20! All materials were purchased at Michael’s craft store, and the mirror was purchased at Ikea ($10).

Time needed: 3 hours (including shopping for materials)

  1. Hot glue gun
  2. Ikea Ram Mirror ($9.99)
  3. Fake flowers ($1 each, $5 total)
  4. Decorative tape ($3.50)
  5. Christmas wreath ($3.50 each, $7 total)


Step 1: Add the decorative tape to the border of the mirror. This tape is by Martha Stewart brand.

Step 2: Unwind the both wreaths and place them on the mirror’s borders. Michael’s was having a holiday sale, so these were both 50% off.



Once you have the wreath the way you want, start hot gluing it on top of the decorative tape or to the outside edges of the mirror. It’s your project, so however you feel looks best.

When I was done gluing, I stood it up to make minor adjustments to the direction of the branches. Since the wreath is made from wire, it was easy to adjust.


Step 3: Add the flower accents

Pop off the flowers from each of the stems. I actually got this idea from Kandee Johnson- here is the link to where she explains how to do it Kandee Johnson: How to dazzle up a room.


Stick the flowers wherever feels right. Again, this is your beautiful creation. I was worried about the balance between tacky and chic, so I made sure to limit how many flowers I added. you can always add more later.

Before I glued the flowers, I laid them down to make sure they were exactly where I wanted them.


I had purple, magenta, silver, and white flowers- all to accent the teal and bronze borders.

Final layout before the glue:


Of course I was watching the 49ers game while I was doing this project ;) you can kind of see in the mirror. Clinched 1st as NFC west champs!



Finished product (ignore my legs)





























I hope you give this a try if you have a plain mirror lying around. Such a fun project!

Information Systems Management Association

Online Banking Organization

Wouldn’t it be great if your online banking had a folder option? Here’s how it would break down:

First you would start out having your general account balance as your main (parent/ root) folder. Then under that folder you should have the option to create folders to hold certain amounts of your money. For example, under my general account, I would have a separate folder for

  1. Travel
  2. Shopping
  3. Bills
  4. Petty Cash
  5. Paychecks
  6. Etc…

Then the user should be able to create rules for these folders. A conditional statement could say, “If the ‘general balance’ folder reaches $0, take money out of the shopping folder first, then out of travel, and so on. Setting these rankings would be as simple as assigning each folder a number, with a low number being the least important folder (meaning its okay to take out money) to a high number meaning do not take money from this folder unless all folders with lower rankings are at $0 balance.

This option for organizing money would be extremely useful when trying to save up for a goal like a trip to Europe. The Europe folder starts out with one’s initial input, and then the user can add money to this folder as he/she pleases.

Another option would be to have checks from a certain person/ organization break down into different folders. For example, I receive direct deposit for my paychecks. I want to be able to create a rule saying every time I receive a new paycheck, put 10% into savings, 10% into the travel folder, 10% into petty cash, etc… With this new organization hierarchy, people will be able to set goals and reach them just by having a more visual approach.

What would you like to see in your bank account folders? What kind of goals do you wish to achieve/ save up for? (New car fund? New computer fund? Amazing leather jacket fund? Etc…) Let me know!

Next Generation Thumb Drive: Micro USB

The idea is to make a flash drive with a micro and/or mini USB interface. This way it will be compatible with most cell phones manufactured after 2007 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Serial_Bus#Mobile_device_charger_standards). Even on my phone today, I have a program called “Docs to Go” which is a mobile version of Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel. So not only would one be able to store pictures, movies, songs, and other media files, but documents as well.

I have checked around the market and this product does not currently exist, however I do not know if it is currently being manufactured at a company. What does currently exist is flash memory that usually is inserted internally and not used for the transportation of files, just the storage.

Hopefully, if this idea works, it will be mandatory for regular computers (desktops and laptops) to have one of these mini/micro USB ports (or a micro/mini to regular USB converter will be another complimentary product to sell). Then with this product, mobile media and documents will be able to transfer from one’s cell phone to computer and vice versa without having to go through a sync process or emailing files.

This could be the next generation of file storing and transferring for mobile devices and computers. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Black and blue berry

Yesterday I was meeting someone in unfamiliar territory and I most defintiely rely on my Google Maps to get me from point A to point B. Only problem was that my data connection was refused so after doing a hard reset of my phone, turning on and off my network connection, and trying multiple data applications, I decided to call AT&T to see what the problem was.

AT&T tried to reset my connection on their end, but that didn’t work. I do have to say, however, that dealing with AT&T yesterday was a surprisingly pleasant experience. After some more tests and calls to AT&T and vice versa, I am finally transferred to the AT&T Blackberry specialist who tells me that RIM is having a problem with their network and that all data plans are down.

Honestly why am I paying a Blackberry data plan in addition to an AT&T data plan for unreliable service? For the amount I pay every month they should send me a christmas gift to go with the inconvenience. This is not the first time this has happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Picture Mapping Map

Sorry for the long gap between updates, I will try to be better about this.  On another note, let’s get on with the next post.

The picture mapping map. Now that’s a mouthful!

Have you ever been on a vacation somewhere and taken a picture in front of a cool building or monument, but totally forgot what city you were in and what street it was on? Since Google already has the “street view” technology for looking at maps, I think it would be a cool idea for you to be able to upload a picture and have the pixels be “mapped” (matched up) to other pictures with the same shapes and colors.

Granted, this picture that you would upload would have to be at a certain time of the day similar to the time of Google’s street view. If more than one picture comes up as a match, the user can choose which one is the right one and Google can store that information from the new picture into the database.

Once the mapping process has been completed, you will be able to see the coordinates of where you were when you took the picture. Problem solved :).

The New Movie Player

Dear Movie Watchers,

Why are you going crazy over all of these different types of disk players for your movies? Whether it be Blu-Ray, or HD players, you have to have them all. Why don’t we take a minute to see the whole picture comparing the movie player timeline to the music player timeline:

Music Trends (please correct me if I am missing one)

  1. Phonograph
  2. Gramophone
  3. Cassette Player
  4. CD Player
  5. MP3 Player

Movie Trends

  1. Slide Projector
  2. BetaMax
  3. VHS
  4. LaserDisc
  5. DVD
  6. Blu-Ray
  7. …?

Notice the similarities between the two media evolutions. It only makes sense that society is heading into a digital only format of a movie player. HDMI is the closest thing at the moment, because it can hook right into your computer and play your digital collection. Soon, everyone will be carrying around a small portable movie player that can hook up to any TV and play.

Granted, some MP3 players, such as the iPod, can already play MP4 files. This is more directed for the market of people who want movies on a tiny screen as opposed to a huge TV. Home movie watchers want HD quality with .m2t file extensions to look great on their new HD television screens.

How will this make any money you ask? Well a simple business plan will show that the money is not in the device, but in the movies ordered. The next step in this process is to implement the technology that Amazon’s Kindle uses to be able to purchase new books “on the go” into MP3 players as well as the futuristic movie players. This creates more revenue for potential companies such as Netflix or iTunes (or which ever company decides to win this race first).

Now, companies: begin the race for the movie player with a nice interface and great HD quality. To all you avid movie watchers: stop buying extra bulky DVD/Blu-Ray/HD/whatever players that take up space in your living room, and let them become smaller and more portable.

Source: http://fairest-fair.blogspot.com/2008/05/i-really-enjoy-listening-to-cool-music.html

Improve Online Banking

Bank of America is lacking one tiny feature in their secure online banking website. This is not the biggest deal in the world, but since it is so simple, I feel it should be implemented immediately. All it would take is a simple code to fix, seeing as they already have the technology for it and use it elsewhere in their site.

When making an online transfer of funds to another B of A customer, one must simply click on the transfer tab and select which account it comes from, who the recipient will be, and the amount.

Online Transfer

Just like a memo section of a check book, Bank of America has a feature called “edit details”

Edit Details

Available Text Field

This is a great feature because once the check is cashed, the person whose account it was taken from can immediately write the details of the check for their own personal records. This is instead of having a carbon copy check book.

The feature that B of A is lacking on their site right now is this same “edit details” field on the transfer funds page. When I transfer money to someone, I want to write the memo right then and there. It’s called immediate gratification mixed with laziness. I don’t want to wait for the transfer to complete, then check it on my bank statement and finally be able to enter the details after clicking around. In addition, it would be nice if when someone were to transfer you the money from their online banking account, give that person the option to share the memo he/she inputs with you. Once you receive the transfer, you may have the option to accept the memo or input your own. That way when you look at your bank statement, you won’t have any mystery transfers appearing.

Simple coding, yet extremely important for online banking.

Hello World

Hello world. Welcome to my blog. Here, you can get to know me, my thoughts, and my wishes for new technology innovations. Feel free to comment on anything you find interesting or request a topic for a new blog. Thanks for reading!


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